This eclectic house in Ahmedabad is Moroccan in spirit


“After the clients visited Morocco, the memories of the experience remained in their memories,” says Sharukh Mistry of Mistry Architects. “Their request to use items that would remind them of their vacation could be accepted, as both Ahmedabad and Morocco share a hot and dry climate. Locally sourced tiles, sculpted furnishings, pops of color, geometric patterns, stone and arches define the look of this home. “

Arcs are specifically ogee arches, pointed and composed of inverted curves, the lower half concave while the upper part is convex. Perhaps of Moroccan origin, the curved arch lends an ornamental character to the architecture, and is used for decoration, more than its functionality.

The orientation of the house and its strategic positioning of elements such as courtyards and open spaces provide a lot of daylight, while avoiding direct heat. “Understanding what the site has to offer us, we started to design the outdoor spaces – open and green, slowly venturing into the indoor areas. A simple plan has been developed with the ground floor housing the common areas, while the first and second floors consist of bedrooms with a play in the levels, creating a wide expanse inside, ”explains Mistry.

Ahmedabad Home: Exterior

A complex composition of cubes of different sizes is separated by voids. “The cream-colored facade is hand-coated by local artisans,” says Mistry. The perimeter wall has a wavy top, reminiscent of desert sand dunes. Double wooden doors with bronze inlay lead visitors into an open-air courtyard, topped by a wooden herringbone pergola. The turquoise tiles with a geometric pattern on the floor are emphasized by the discreet gray of the surrounding tiles. “Old louvered windows, saved from dismantled houses, have been restored to find new life in this house.

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