This art-filled Bengaluru home is built around a courtyard


The flooring in the puja bedroom sees a striking juxtaposition between lava rock (sourced from Bali) and Jaisalmer marble. A partial enclosure, made up of slender wooden elements uniformly lined, houses the idols, behind which a corner of greenery unfolds. The landscaping here and for the rest of the house was done by the firm 3Fold Design.

Home Bangalore: the rooms

In the master bedroom, which is bathed in soft hues, a four-poster bed takes center stage with space on either side arranged into comfortable seating areas. The back wall of the bed is treated with a textured concrete finish on the upper half, while the lower half is Corten steel, creating a subtle contrast. The floor is finished in micro-concrete. An eye-catching piece here is the exquisite light fixture made from banana fiber, giving off a warm glow inside. The other three bedrooms – the girl’s bedroom, the guest bedroom, and the parents’ bedroom – reflect a similar design language.

The walls of the son’s room are partly clad in bricks, from Bali; left exposed, the material lends a tactile quality and earthy charm to the space. The passage from the parquet to the micro-concrete floor visually delimits the sleeping area of ​​the study space. The master bedroom and son’s bedroom open onto large balconies, adorned with intricately patterned tiles and fitted with outdoor furniture from Ethimo.

The bathrooms are spacious and evoke a feeling of calm. In the son’s bedroom, the dressing room opens directly onto the bathroom and is an integral part of it. The brick clad wall is a striking feature here, with natural light coming in from the skylight further accentuating the attributes of the space. “The idea was to recreate a resort atmosphere (typical of a resort in Bali), in which the dry and wet areas are clearly well defined,” says Shivaram.

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