Suburban LA home gets updated with Art Gallery Vibes


AFTER: The team imported Italian terrazzo from Marmi Scala for the floors and chose marine grade plywood as a more casual contrast for the ceiling, stairs and joinery.

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AFTER: “We’ve introduced three sets of identical sliding doors, and when they’re open, the outdoor spaces become an extension of those family rooms,” says Jeff.

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“We solved the challenges of this house by embracing some of its biggest obstacles, like the central staircase and the volume of the living room,” says Kristin. “We also found that by exhibiting some of these elements, like the living room beams, we could better define the new spaces. “

BEFORE: The existing kitchen was completely relocated to the other side of the ground floor, making it easier to see the courtyard pool from the new living and dining areas.

AFTER: The new kitchen is much more open to the rest of the house, and its clean white look allows the terrazzo and plywood to shine.

Brandon stanley

With the new floor plan in place, Jeff and Kristin received advice from one of the owners, an art dealer, to incorporate a stunning suburban style. With the trio of new sliding doors leading out to the backyard and a handful of skylights above, they all agreed that the design needed to be airy with enough interesting objects and materials to catch the eye. “We were interested in a mix of high and low materials,” says Jeff. They imported Marmi Scala’s Italian terrazzo for the floors, which has a formal finish that contrasts with the relaxed feel of the marine-grade plywood they hand-picked after examining dozens of sheets. “We also detailed the plywood to express their character, like exposing the edges of the sheets and using their thickness as a modulus for the woodwork,” continues Jeff.

AFTER: The bathrooms have been modernized with white walls and simple square tiles.

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AFTER: The wood accents in the cabinetry also continue in this bathroom.

Brandon stanley

It’s been two years since this renovation was completed, and the owners pride themselves on bringing a touch of mid-century modernity to their street. Jeff and Kristin can not help but feel this love of neighbor too. “We connected very well with these owners,” says Kristin. “We were happy to tackle such an ambitious project for their family. “

BEFORE: The existing pool was still popular with the crowds, but the renovation would make it more modern.

AFTER: A fresh coat of paint and more elegant landscaping work gave the exterior a much needed upgrade.

Sam wadieh

AFTER: The backyard also has a seating and dining area next to the swimming pool on artificial turf, which makes maintenance easier.

Sam wadieh

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