Clever’s 5 best small spaces of 2021


We’ve featured so many amazing home visits on Clever this year. They’ve had cute puppies, amazing storage solutions, spectacular backyards, and eye-catching paint jobs. Choosing a favorite is never easy, so we decided to focus on those small spaces that wowed us in 2021. When it comes to furnishing, designing and renovating a small square footage area, we are always impressed with the topics of our home visits. with. Solutions for small spaces are one of the flagships of Clever. So, get inspired by 12 of the best cottage tours of 2021.

“I am drawn to rooms where the materials are very apparent, where there are not many layers,” explains Armando Aguirre. “I wanted it to be very clear what this daybed was made of at first glance. He also wanted large-scale works of art to hang over the daybed and chose a photograph of a Los Angeles tennis court by Dan Monick. A Le Corbusier the crate is standing upright on the ground.

William Jess Laird

End of 2019, Armando Aguirre had just broken up with her boyfriend and, as these things unfolded, he needed a new place to live, fast. He stumbled upon a 250 square foot apartment on the Upper West Side and decided to move in. Shortly after moving in, the pandemic struck, but from spring to fall, Armando completely transformed his apartment with thoughtful sketches, plenty of phone calls, and the occasional trips outside to retrieve the items he wanted. had dreamed.

the green frog poster by Enzo Mari on the blue wall contrasts with the red structure of the sofa bed, which is custom-made and upholstered in Galaxy fabric by Kvadrat.


Stefano Carera and Eirini Giannakopoulou launched their architecture workshop in 2011. Since then, they have designed spaces that always reflect the balance between functionality and emotion, tradition and innovation. One of their best examples is the small couples vacation home located in a small village in Alta Val di Susa, Claviere.

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