10 Favorite Furniture Designs from Tasteful Designers at Design Week Lagos


Kassena Collection by Tunde Owolabi from Ethnik Afrika

“The Kassena collection of Tunde Owolabi reflects our African vernacular approach to design, ”says Ajagunna. “The intricate details and sublime geometric patterns painted on the pieces, inspired by Kassena homes in northern Burkina Faso, show how architecture and product design come together. The patterned design, which derives from the Kassena group’s chalk and mud painting technique, adorns Ethnik Afrika’s Kassena armchair, coffee table and cabinet (Ajagunna’s personal favorite). “Wherever he is placed, or whatever his form, he would always be the center of attention,” Ajagunna explains of the latter.

Eko table by Tomide’s Atelier

“I still can’t explain how he fused the materials, but the result is magnificent,” Enebeli says of Tomide’s workshop Table Eko. An assembly of salvaged parts, the futuristic side table features the lid of an oil barrel, broken glass and a pair of metal bike rims among its recycled ingredients. Finished off with a coat of yellow paint and a hand-drawn illustration, it’s no wonder “something about the table really caught my eye,” Enebeli says.

Eko table from Atelier de Tomide.

Photo: Akose Enebeli

Installation “His light” by Adebayo Oke-Lawal

To celebrate the fair’s multidisciplinary design coverage, Design Week Lagos called on Adebayo Oke-Lawal to collaborate on a special fashion and design meeting installation called “Her Light”. Inspired by the women in his life, Oke-Lawal designed a luminaire in which sculpted figures of African women are at the heart. The designer identifies one in particular as her mother, stressing “how she has been an iconic force of light for me and for many people”.

The work may be seen by some as manifesting a banal metaphor, but Oke-Lawal, admittedly, leans on the cliché. “I wanted it to be on the nose, but also something you’ve never seen before,” he says. “In Nigeria, women hold such an important aspect of a household’s emotional strength, especially in my own experience, and are revealed to be the light that lights up a home.”

Adebayo Oke-Lawal’s “Her Light” installation.

Photography courtesy of Design Week Lagos

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