The Benefits Of Essex Bifold Doors

Essex Bifold Doors

Aluminum is regarded as a highly versatile and attractive material with a slim line appearance, security and strength makes it the ideal choice to manufacturer exterior and interior Essex bifold doors.

The bi-fold doors offer a way to bring your outdoor area inside providing a way to really enjoy your garden.

These Essex bi-fold doors can be installed on upper and lower floors and the versatility of these unique doors offer a way to transform your living spaces and enhance and modernize your home life.

These doors are suitable for various applications like your kitchen, conservatory, bedrooms, and your living room.

Exterior Aluminum Doors Are Practical, Stylish And Strong

Bifold DoorsBi-fold doors are able to add a lasting visual impact to any home along with unequaled functionality.

These doors come in beautiful designs such as the streamlined aluminum profile or curved-glass facades.

The bi-fold doors combine elegance with strength for a stunning yet extremely practical minimal maintenance type glazing solution.

When opened, these door types offer a safer way to move between one room to another or out onto your patio or garden thanks to the obstruction-free flush to the floor fitting.

The lightweight, yet ultra-strong characteristics of these aluminum doors offers an affordable and convenient choice for any home-owner regardless of the size of the home.

Thermally Efficient Bi-fold Doors With Threshold And Sash Options

The Essex bi-fold doors are well known for their outstanding thermal efficiency. The design includes superior insulating abilities with the use of outstanding “polyamide thermal” barrier technology within the aluminum sections.

This product has undergone extensive testing to result in a superior product that exceeds performance requirements of today’s building regulations.

The advanced-profile technology has resulted in thermal-transmittance barriers which means that the cold stays outside and the warmth stays in for a constant and comfortable temperature regardless of the weather.

Other benefits of these extremely reliable systems are associated with the environmentally friendly factors, a decrease in your energy bills and the improvement on weather-resistance performance.

You can choose from either the double or the triple glazing option along with choices on threshold and sash configuration options that provide the best bespoke solution.

High Performance Features That Include Powder Coated Finishes And Colors

In regards to security issues commonly associated with the outdoor sliding-folding doors, this problem is no longer a concern.

The Essex bi-fold doors feature outstanding locking multi-point mechanisms that are fitted to the opening sashes that offer protection and peace-of-mind from any unwanted intruders.

The bi-fold doors have also combined shoot-bolt locks on the floating mullions along with glazed-sealed units that offer a complete secure solution.

These aluminum doors offer any house with a stylish aesthetic with a choice of polyester-powder coated finishes and colors.

Some of these choices include unique and exciting solutions such as metallic paint, dual colors and realistic looking wood structures.

With the latest bi-fold aluminum doors available to today you are guaranteed of outstanding results that include the following:

The bi-fold doors conveniently fold-back flat maximizing space in any area of the home

Strong and slim design features

Outstanding multi-locking systems

Low threshold or flush-to-floor designs

An extensive choice of colors of wood-effect finishes

Expert installations

“A” rated Thermal-Double Glazed units

The bi-fold doors have become an extremely popular choice for a variety of home owners as they feature beautiful aesthetics and eye-catching designs.

These doors are the ideal choice to allow more natural light into the home and they increase the space and depth of a room.

This is an outstanding solution when deciding to install new doors in your home regardless of whether you have a contemporary or traditional home.

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